3-Dimensional Art

Artwork created by utilizing Maya 2011 and Bryce 6.3.

My Gallery The Fruit Bowl Wine & Cheese The Lake House Dolphins Landscape


"My Gallery"

This image was created with Maya 2011. It was one of the first projects for animation and stills. You can see a short walk through animation on You Tube of this gallery. It's the details that matters, notice the wall sockets. If I had the time I would have added some debris and perhaps a coffee cup from the local coffee shop.

Golden Gate Image

Item Number: MFG-591

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"Fruit Bowl"

Here is another example from Maya 2011. We had to create these objects using nurbs and then apply a texture to them to make them sort of real looking. I added the glass just because.

Point Lobos Image

Item Number: MFB-256

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"Wine & Cheese"

Here is an example of Bryce 6.3. Bryce is a free program that produces some wonderful results. It is a good program for beginners and experts depending on the use. I thought that the glasses came out well.

Shallow Hal Image

Item Number: WAC-124

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"Lake House"

Another example of the ability of Bryce 6.3. I have many different angles and lighting of this environment. If you want to see more let me know. Again the details make a difference. Unfortunately you can't see everything from this long shot.

Capital Offense Image

Item Number: TLH-458

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Again this is Bryce 6.3 results. This project was intended to get us familiar to the lighting options within the program. I really like the reflection of the dolphins on the wall.

Alien Takeover Image

Item Number: DOL-753

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Yes, this was created with Bryce 6.3. This was a project intended to get us familiar with the terrain capabilities within Bryce 6.3. With the terrain tools you can make anything. Terrains is just one example.


Item Number: TER-569


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