Adobe Illustrator Art

Artwork created by utilizing Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Rons Dragon My Blue Car Chess Master My Desk Merry Christmas The Red Apple


"Rons Dragon"

12x18 Archival paper and inks - This piece was one of my first experience with Adobe Illustrator. I had an image of a dragon that I attempted to reproduce the basic structure but I changed all of the colors. I really enjoyed making this one.

Golden Gate Image

Item Number: RDGGB-581

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"My Blue Car"

18x12 Archival paper and inks - Another one of my first attempts with Illustrator. I mimicked a photograph that I took at a local car show. I could do a lot better now.

Point Lobos Image

Item Number: MBC-256

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"The Chess Master"

18x12 Archival paper and inks - With this project we had to incorporate some 3-D objects. Adobe Illustrator has the capability to create this objects without using any other program.

Shallow Hal Image

Item Number: TCM-124

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"My Desk"

18x12 Archival paper and inks - We had to add some photographs into our project and make it look like they belong. Can you tell which items are the photographs? (pencil, robot, slurpee, goose)

Capital Offense Image

Item Number: MSD-458

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"Merry Christmas"

18x12 Archival paper and inks - This one looks much better in high resolution or printed. Merry Christmas!

Alien Takeover Image

Item Number: MFC-733

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"Red Apple"

Yes, this was created with Illustrator. I used the mess tool to get this photographic like image.


Item Number: RAP-589


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