Motion Art - Film/Animation

In this section are a couple of examples of work created using Adobe After Effects, Maya 2011 and Bryce 6.3. For bandwidth and view ability I have placed these examples on You Tube. Please contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Play Ball Breaking Tradition Radio Control Joy of Golf

If your looking for the Gallery Video, it is now on You Tube.

More of my videos can be found on You Tube. Please take a look at the links on the Links page.

Play Ball!

This is an example of the split screen effect using Adobe After Effects.

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Breaking Tradition

Another After Effects film. This project was concerned with text and the animation of it. Not bad for my first attempt.

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Radio Controlled

Another animation using Bryce. We had to use lighting, paths, linking etc.

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Joy of Golf

This is an example of stop animation. My first attempt and it shows but it is still fun. I had some issues with the model, no skeleton.

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